Additional Content

Book-Lists & Articles

Book Riot- A website designed for lovers of literature and writing from all walks of life, Book Riot has new articles and booklists published daily, as well as links to various literary and reading themed podcasts. 

CBC Books- CBC Books comprises not only the Canada Reads Awards (awarded annually), but also themed booklists, contests for poetry and short-story writers, and numerous discussions/interviews with Canadian Literary Figures. CBC Books represents a good resource for any reader excited about Canadian Writers and Canadian Stories.  


Ebooks libres et gratuits- A repository of free French Language e-books, for our Francophone patrons. 

Project Gutenberg:  The Canadian version of the popular archive of e-books. Project Gutenberg acts as a repository for e-versions of books and materials that are no longer in copyright.

Government Documents & Legal Information

CanLII- The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a non-profit organization that provides continuous free access to a virtual library of Canadian Legal information; at present, it provides access to court judgements, tribunal decisions, statutues and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions. A tremendous resource for library patrons who are interested in researching legal matters.  
GALLOP Portal- The Government and Legislative Libraries Publications Portal (GALLOP, for short) is a free online resource that allows users to search various government publications across multiple jurisdictions (both provincial and federal). If you are interested in reading government publications, this is an excellent place to begin. 
Statistics Canada- The online portal for Statistics Canada. Contains a wealth of statistical information, including information from the Canadian Census. All statistical information is considered Open Data, and can be downloaded for individual use and research. 


History & Genealogy

CBC Digital Archives- The online portal to the CBC's Archives, which comprise an assortment of audio and audiovisual recordings from the CBC's historical radio and television broadcasts. The catalogue from the Archives is searchable, and is updated regularly. 

Dictionary of Canadian Biography- A free online dictionary of biographies of historical Canadians, as well as articles on important periods in Canada's history. 

Early Canadiana Online- A collection of primary documents from museums and memory institutions across Canada, Early Canadiana Online offers a great potential addition to the resources offered by Ancestry Online. Access to Full-Text Documents requires creation of an Early Canadiana Online account (which is free). 

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan- Hosted by the University of Regina, the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan is a free online resource that discusses an array of Saskatchewan centered topics, from military history, to biology, to social policy. It's a fantastic primer into the history of our province! 

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan- The website for the Provincial Archives, which is the institution responsible for maintaining the documentary history of our province. 

Vital Statistics Genealogy- A resource from eHealth Saskatchewan, providing an indexed search of genealogical records. 

Maker Materials

Do you want to create your own digital or web-content? These resources may be of use to you! 

Free Music Archive- an interactive library of legal audio downloads, launched back in 2009. Every MP3 File available on the Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of use; each and every file has also been selected by the FMA's audio curators. 

Youtube Audio Library- A searchable catalogue of music and sound effects put together by those smart people over at Youtube! Each song or sound effect informs users of what licensing, if any, that it falls under. 

Music & The Arts

CBC Music- CBC Music is the portal to all of CBC's programming relating to Music and Musicians, as well as the portal to the E-Streams of CBC Radio 2, CBC Radio 3, and numerous free musical streams. 

Web Design & Coding Architecture

W3 Schools Online- The W3 School is an online portal which teaches people how to code with basic, no-frills lessons. The W3 School is based around the idea of making coding in HTML, CSS, and Java (plus many more) simple and stress free. If you want to learn code, here's the first, best resource to getting you started.