COVID-19 Updates

Curbside Pick-Up Service

We are preparing our spaces for a safe re-opening - this takes time as we consult and create library standards that take the health of our staff and patrons seriously and follow all recommendations of the provincial government and Saskatchewan Health Authority. While many branches are open for restricted in-person service, we continue to offer curbside service to those that prefer it. 

Phased Reopening

Phase 1 includes programs and services that can be provided by library staff while the library facility remains closed. This includes virtual programming, e-services, phone services and/or curbside delivery. 

Phase 2 includes programs and services that allow patrons to enter the library facility while some services are closed. This phase allows a restricted number of patrons to enter the building to pick up holds and use a restricted number of computers. Patrons must reserve a time for computer use by using a sign-up sheet (important for contact tracing). Some programming may be led by the Children’s Programmer or the IT Programmer. 

Phase 3 includes access to the materials collection. Limited browsing will be allowed, along with reference services, but patrons are discouraged from staying in the library facility for long. There may be some programming, but it must be sign-up only (no drop-ins, as per provincial regulations, as we need to be able to assist with contact tracing if possible), with limited attendance, and increased cleaning.

Phase 4 will include more typical access to library programs and services. Precautions would still be taken to allow for increased cleaning and social distancing, including following all the Saskatchewan Health Authority recommendations. This would be the end of the phases as we step into a new normal when Covid-19 is not an imminent threat to the health and safety of our communities. Most branches are in this phase now.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else pick up my holds?
Materials can only be checked out to the cardholder. If you would like to have someone else pick up your holds, please advise us when you contact us for pick-up and we can make the note on your account.

What safety measures are you implementing?
All returned items are quarantined for 24-72 hours before being checked in. Patrons are encouraged to additionally quarantine materials before bringing them into their homes. Library materials cannot be sanitized, though quarantining items can help ensure they are safe to handle. Patrons who are immune-compromised or otherwise susceptible to COVID-19 should be particularly cautious when borrowing items from the library.

Do I need to bring a bag with me to pick up my holds?
We will provide bags.

Can I donate materials?
Please do not donate materials at this time. Our Headquarters will be overwhelmed with following our new processes and catching up returns and new material. 

I don't have a library card!
Call your closest branch to request to make a card, or make one online here. 

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

We are following information from the Government of Saskatchewan and the Public Health Agency of Canada. If you start having symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself from others as quickly as possible. Immediately call a health care professional or the Saskatchewan public health authority by dialing 811. They will provide advice on what you should do.