Library of the Month- Eastend Branch Library

History of the Eastend Library

A community library was opened in the Memorial Hall in Eastend in October of 1957.  Mabel Dallas agreed to act as the librarian (without pay, remuneration to be given when funds became available). Board members were Al Bauche, Irma Bessie, Bill Bock, Bertha LeBastard, Henri Lebastard and Pat MacRae.

The library struggled with very little money in the early years and funds were raised for books by catering to High School dances.  Librarians during this period were Pat MacRae and Gladys Beck.
In January, 1972, Eastend was one of the first six libraries to become Branches of the Chinook Regional Library with Mary Routledge as librarian and Georgette Anderson and Edna Lajuenesse as assistants. Edna acted as assistant until her retirement in 1991. Subsequent librarians were:

Joyce Turvey 1979-1983
Marjorie Harron 1983-1986
Betty Ann Huhn 1986-2004
Gail Bock 2004-2009
Lorraine Armstrong 2010-present

Gail Bock worked with the library for many years, starting as a Board member in 1981 and then as an assistant/librarian from 1992-2013.  Denise Gebhardt has also worked for many years, starting as an assistant in 2003. Kristel Grant is our newest employee, starting in 2014.

Our current board members are: Chairperson – Emily Bamforth, Mary Thomson, Trea Jensen, Tim Tokaryk, Victor Dohei, Caroline McCuaig, Karmen McNabb, Ron MacRae and Ilse Hansen-Upsher.