82ND ALL-AMERICAN CHORUS: 60 Years of Airborne
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Other Authors:
Anonymous Composer
Bates, Katharine Lee Lyricist
Berlin, Irving Composer
Brown, Lew Composer
Buskin, David Composer
Crawford, Robert MacArthur Composer
Cunningham, Paul Composer
Gold, Bert Composer
Greenwood, Lee Composer
Hart, Ken Composer
Hart, Lorenz Lyricist
Henley, Larry Composer
Jacobs, Al Composer
Jones, Steven Dale Composer
Jones, Tom Composer
Koff, Charles Composer
Lunsford, Bascom Lamar Composer
Marx, Richard Composer
Moore, Robert Composer
Naxos Digital Services US
Newton, John Lyricist 1725-1807
Nolan, Kenny Composer
Perren, Freddie Composer
Raye, Don Lyricist
Resmick, Arthur Composer
Robinson, Smokey Composer
Rodgers, Richard Composer
Sadler, Barry Composer
Sigman, Carl Lyricist
Silbar, Jeff Composer
Stept, Sam Composer
Tobias, Charles Composer
Tomberlin, Bobby Composer
Traditional Composer
Usher, Gary Composer
Ward, Samuel A. Composer
Weatherly, Frederick Edward Lyricist
White, Ronald Composer
Wilson, Brian Composer
Wiseman, Scotty Composer
Yarian, Christine Composer
Young, Kenny Composer
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Hong Kong : Naxos Digital Services US Inc. 2012
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82nd All-American Chorus, Choir -- Sadler, Barry, Composer -- Moore, Robert, Composer -- Weatherly, Frederick Edward, Lyricist -- Traditional, Composer -- Greenwood, Lee, Composer -- Newton, John, Lyricist -- Gold, Bert, Composer -- Hart, Ken, Composer -- Ward, Samuel A., Composer -- Bates, Katharine Lee, Lyricist -- Jacobs, Al, Composer -- Raye, Don, Lyricist -- Anonymous, Composer -- Brown, Lew, Composer -- Stept, Sam, Composer -- Tobias, Charles, Composer -- Berlin, Irving, Composer -- Robinson, Smokey, Composer -- White, Ronald, Composer -- Perren, Freddie, Composer -- Yarian, Christine, Composer -- Crawford, Robert MacArthur, Composer -- Buskin, David, Composer -- Cunningham, Paul, Composer -- Jones, Tom, Composer -- Sigman, Carl, Lyricist -- Koff, Charles, Composer -- Nolan, Kenny, Composer -- Hart, Lorenz, Lyricist -- Rodgers, Richard, Composer -- Jones, Steven Dale, Composer -- Tomberlin, Bobby, Composer -- Lunsford, Bascom Lamar, Composer -- Wiseman, Scotty, Composer -- Young, Kenny, Composer -- Resmick, Arthur, Composer -- Wilson, Brian, Composer -- Usher, Gary, Composer -- Henley, Larry, Composer -- Silbar, Jeff, Composer -- Marx, Richard, Composer
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Entrance Chant (02 min. 18 sec.)
All-American Soldier (01 min. 37 sec.) / Jones
One More Day (02 min. 56 sec.) / Jones
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (01 min. 30 sec.) / Brown
This is the Army: This is the army, Mr. Jones (02 min. 05 sec.) / Berlin
My Girl (02 min. 31 sec.) / Robinson
God Bless the USA (02 min. 59 sec.) / Greenwood
Blood Upon the Risers (04 min. 15 sec.)
Danny Boy (02 min. 02 sec.)
Mountain Dew (02 min. 15 sec.) / Lunsford
Under the Boardwalk (02 min. 51 sec.) / Young
Dog Faced Soldier (01 min. 17 sec.) / Gold
In My Room (01 min. 44 sec.) / Wilson
Wind Beneath My Wings (03 min. 28 sec.) / Henley
We Were There (04 min. 52 sec.) / Buskin
This I Promise You (04 min. 05 sec.) / Marx
Glider Rider Song (02 min. 35 sec.)
America the Beautiful (02 min. 28 sec.) / Ward
Better Man (03 min. 11 sec.) / Nolan
Airborne Medley (05 min. 09 sec.)
Amazing Grace (02 min. 18 sec.)
Blue Moon (02 min. 11 sec.) / Rodgers
This Is My Country (01 min. 47 sec.) / Jacobs
Armed Forces Medley (Air Force Song) (03 min. 22 sec.) / Crawford
The Ballad of the Green Berets (03 min. 01 sec.) / Sadler
It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (02 min. 59 sec.) / Perren
Exit Chant (01 min. 30 sec.)
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