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The princeling of Nanjing the triad years
—Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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Ava is in Shanghai for the launch of the PÖ clothing line. She has invited Xu, who confides that the Tsai family, headed by Tsai Lian, the governor of Jiangsu Province and a princeling - he is the son of a general who was on the Long March with Mao and a member of Chinas power elite - is trying to force him and his Triad organization back into the drug business. Xu believes this move would lead to his eventual destruction - if he opposes them, they will crush him. If he goes along with them, he thinks that inevitably the police and military will hunt him down. Ava sets out to help Xu deter the Tsai family. As she digs into the breadth and depth of the familys wealth and corruption, she gets caught up in a huge tangled web, extending all the way to the U.S. and the U.K., where it reaches the top echelons of political power. Sequel to The king of Shanghai. Bestseller. 2015.

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An Ava Lee novel
An Ava Lee novel ; 9
Hamilton, Ian, 1946- Ava Lee novel
Hamilton, Ian, 1946- Ava Lee novel ; 9.
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