You feel it just below the ribs : a novel

Published 2021
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A manuscript containing the life story of Dr. Miriam Gregory is discovered under the floorboards of an attic room in Stockholm. It speaks of growing up during the Great Reckoning, a sprawling, decades-long war that nearly decimates humanity and strips her of friends and family. Devastated by grief and loneliness, she emotionally exiles herself, avoiding relationships or allegiances, and throws herself into her work - disengagement that serves her well when the war finally ends, and the New Society arises in its wake. To ensure a lasting peace, the New Society forbids anything that may cause tribal loyalties, including traditional families. Suddenly, everyone must live as Miriam has chosen to - disconnected and unattached. A prominent psychologist and researcher at heart, Miriam becomes involved in implementing this detached process. Her understanding of how to examine and manipulate the human mind becomes the basis of a program that will transform this new world and the lives of everyone in it. But the bold claims the manuscript makes cannot be corroborated, raising disturbing questions about their very authenticity. Is this autobiography a sincere confession? Or is it a fabrication, set against the backdrop of reality? "How many times can you filter a memory before it's really just a fiction?" Miriam herself asks. It's left for you, the reader, to judge.

First edition.
371 pages ; 24 cm
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