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The body reset diet : power your metabolism, blast fat, and shed pounds in just 15 days —Pasternak, Harley, author.

"Get healthy in just 15 days with this diet plan from the celebrity trainer and New York Times bestselling author featured on Khloé Kardashian's Revenge Body--now revised with the latest nutrition science and updated re...

Harley's 5-factor workout

One of America's most sought-after diet and fitness experts, Harley Pasternak, shares his revolutionary five-week program that will help you lose weight and get fit without feeling hungry or deprived.

The Body Reset Diet —Pasternak, Harley.

Complicated diets and extreme cleanses guarantee little more than short-term results, and overdoing it at the gym causes injuries and can actually trigger weight gain. It seems that we've lost our way when it comes to nu...

The 5-factor diet —Pasternak, Harley.

Introduces a nutrition and diet program that involves eating five small meals a day and doing five short workouts a week, and includes more than one hundred simple recipes with five or fewer ingredients.

Body Reset Diet Cookbook 150 Recipes To Power Your Metabolism Blast Fat And Shed Pounds. —Pasternak, Harley.

Whether you're looking to lose significant weight or just those last five pounds, The Body Reset Diet Cookbook will help you reset your body and lose weight immediately with 150 slimming recipes! Celebrity diet and fit...

The 5-Factor Diet —Pasternak, Harley.

From the bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet Having helped shaped some of today's hottest bodies, one of America's most sought-after diet and fitness experts, Harley Pasternak, here shares his revolutionary fi...

The 5-Factor World Diet —Pasternak, Harley.

Following on the heels of his hugely popular blockbuster, The 5-Factor Diet, celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak has searched the world to add a little variety and spice to your weight loss plan. The 5-Fa...