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Law & order: Special Victims Unit. Year seven, '05/'06 season

In the criminal justice system, sexually based crimes such as rape, torture, pedophilia, and child abuse are dealt with in New York City by a special unit of the police department known as the Special Victims Unit.

Doc Martin. Series 2

As a hard-charging London surgeon, Martin Ellingham didn't need a bedside manner. His patients were unconscious, so he could be as rude and arrogant as he pleased. All that changes when he develops a crippling fear of bl...

The Mary Tyler Moore show. The complete 4th season

Join Mary and the rest of the crew from the WJM-TV newsroom for another season of the classic sitcom. This time around Mary deals with more adventures, both in the newsroom and with her romantic life.

The magic school bus catches a wave

In "Wet All Over," Frizzle introduces her students to "the real water world," shrinking them down to droplet size to experience the water cycle firsthand. The class is commissioned to create a statue without using their ...

Dirty jobs with Mike Rowe. Collection 5

Mike Rowe introduces audiences to an elite assortment of both men and women who make their living doing the most unthinkable 'dirty' jobs.

Little house on the prairie. Season 9 : a new beginning

The Ingalls leave Walnut Grove and the Carters move into their old house. Meanwhile Nellie returns to Walnut Grove and Nancy runs away because she is no longer the center of attention. These are just a few of the moments...

Stranger things. Season 2
Availability: 9 of 10

It's been nearly a year since Will's strange disappearance, but life is hardly back to normal in Hawkins.

Scooby-Doo Holiday collection.

An original Scooby-doo made for TV movie and episodes originally shown on the Scooby-Doo television program.

Law and order special victims unit. Year six. Disc 1

In the criminal justice system, sexually based crimes such as rape, torture, pedophilia, and child abuse are dealt with in New York City by a special unit of the police department known as the Special Victims Unit.

The crown. The complete first season

The British Empire is in decline, the political world is in disarray, and a young woman takes the throne... a new era is dawning. Queen Elizabeth II is a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading t...

How I met your mother. Season one

A love story in reverse: 'How I met your mother' is a comedy about Ted and how he fell in love. When Ted's best friends Marshall and Lily decide to tie the knot, it sparks the search for his own Miss Right. Helping him i...

We got this

In this quirky mystery series inspired by true events, George English, a broke American living in Sweden, decides the answer to his problems lies in collecting the reward money for solving the 30-year-old murder of forme...

True blood. The complete second season

Welcome back to Bon Temps, home to mystery, Southern sensuality, and dark secrets. Tara finds herself in love and under a spell; Sam puts his trust in an unlikely ally; Jason becomes involved with an anti-vampire sect; a...

Law & order: Special Victims Unit. the 6th year

Detectives of the New York Special Victims Unit hunt down perpetrators and help the emotionally scarred victims of sexually based crimes.

Avatar, the last airbender. Book 3, Fire. Volume 4

The kids return to the Fire Nation and prepare for their final confrontation with Firelord Ozai, but they discover that the Firelord has plans of his own: he has ordained himself Phoenix King and appointed Princess Azula...

Grey's anatomy. Season four

Centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors. Love, lies, and family ties are revealed as the surgeons of Seattle Grace discover that their choices have major unintended ...

The Flintstones. The complete second season

Fred and Barney are neighbors, who both work for Mr. Slate at the gravel pit, and Wilma and Betty stay home. The Flintstones are a perfect alchemy of adult humor, outlandish plots and childish pranks. But the biggest ong...

Charmed. The complete 3rd season

Protecting the innocent, vanquishing evil and evil doers, and generally righting the wrongs that others have bestowed, are not exactly on the agenda of the average twenty-something on the fast track to discovering what l...

The last detective. Series 4, volume 1. Disc 1

Disc one: After a daring diamond heist, all fingers point to crime boss Jimmy Vincent, released from prison on the very day of the robbery. When teenagers find the two-week-old corpse of Dominic Sylvester, everyone in th...

Garfield and friends. A cat and his nerd

He's not always well behaved, but Garfield is always there for Jon and Odie. There sitting on the couch or eating lasagna. However, Garfield is also there as a friend. So whether Jon's dealing with a lackluster love life...

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