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After months of trying and failing to get pregnant, Lucy and Adrian finally find their dream fertility doctor in Dr. Hindle. But after becoming pregnant with a healthy baby girl, Lucy begins to notice something sinister ...

The Mindy project. Season 1

Meet Mindy (Mindy Kaling), a single OB/GYN who wants her life to be like a romantic comedy but just can't find the right leading man. As she attempts to balance her unpredictable workplace with some truly offbeat dating ...

The Christmas wishing tree —March, Emily, author.
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"A man who loves adventure and the open sea, Devin Murphy returns for a short Christmas trip to his small hometown of Eternity Springs. Immersed in the joy and magic of the holiday season all around him, he doesn't hesit...

Snow angel season —March, Emily, author.

"Christmas in Eternity Springs: After a devastating betrayal, Claire packs up the pieces of her life, along with a twenty-million-dollar secret, and moves to Eternity Springs. She opens a specialty shop--Forever Christma...

The Mindy project. Season 3

The show returns for more hilarious and heartfelt moments of comedic mayhem in Season Three. Now that Dr. Mindy Lahiri has found true bliss with former sparring partner Dr. Danny Castellano, she is ready for her "happily...

Small-town midwife —Gordon, Jean Chelikowsky.
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Autumn Hazard loves being a midwife, but a tragic loss has her doubting the path she's chosen and her new boss isn't helping. She's worked with Dr. Jonathan Hanlon before, and he's just as handsome and seemingly perfect ...

The Mindy project. Season 2

A sitcom about an ob-gynwho wishes her personal life were as successful as her professional one and matched the fairy-tale endings of her favorite romantic comedies.

The doctor and Mr. Right —Kirk, Cindy.
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Michelle Kearns has a simple credo she lives by: no domestic complications! But the Jackson Hole obstetrician's "no kids" rule is tested to the max when she meets her sinfully handsome new neighbor.

The doctor and the diva —McDonnell, Adrienne.

Building a successful career by helping couples to conceive, an early twentieth-century obstetrician makes a risky decision after meeting a talented opera singer whose infertility issues prompt her to leave her husband a...

Daddy on her doorstep —Darcy, Lilian.

"Obstetrician Andrew McKinley was intrigued by his new single tenant and neighbor, who looked about ready to pop--and also about ready to jump down the throat of anyone who even hinted that she might need some help. So h...

Forever Family for the Midwife —Hardy, Kate, 1966- author.

"Can he risk his heart... ... on the single mom? Midwife Nathaniel has been wary of love ever since his girlfriend walked out after his accident. Until he meets obstetrician Rebecca! Their chemistry is undeniable. Only, ...