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Nightmare alley

An ambitious man working as part of a surreal and disturbing traveling carnival sets out to become a mentalist and take over the job of someone else in the sideshow.

Greatest classic films collection. Horror

Collects four classic horror films, including "House of Wax," in which a wax sculptor devises a murderous plan to restock his museum; "The Haunting," in which four individuals travel to a haunted house to study its super...

The unholy three

In an hypnotic mix of creepiness and crime, a ventriloquist dons a granny disguise to team with a strongman and a little person in a bizarre robbery scheme that ends in murder.

More dead than alive
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"After serving 18 years, "Killer" Cain is released from prison, determined never to touch a gun again. But the only job he can get is with a traveling sideshow as the sharp-shooting main attraction. As Cain works to buil...