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Cajun cop Dave Robicheaux gets a call for help from redneck Aaron Crown, who after twenty-eight years is convicted of killing a prominent civil rights activist. Though he is warned off the case, Robicheaux decides to buck the power structure and take some personal risks to prove Crown's innocence. Includes strong language, violence, and sex. c1996.

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Genre: Detective and mystery stories

Other Authors: Centre for Equitable Library Access (Canada)

ISBN: 978-0-616-79652-8

Edition: Computer data (1 file : 130 MB).


  • (9 hrs., 24 min.) : sound.
  • digital Digital recording


  • Restricted to use by people with documented print impairment.
  • Bruce Huntey.
  • Audio and text.
  • Washington, DC : Library of Congress, NLS/BPH (Louisville, KY : American Printing House for the Blind), 1997.
  • New York : Hyperion, c1996. 0786861754
  • DAISY 2.02 standard; MP3 compression at 32 kbps.
  • Analogue to digital.
  • NA001 sl vi sx mr ar
  • 20120413 Y 100
  • NO NO
  • Complete 20140325 09:24:48
  • 1996

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