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"In the bestselling tradition of Presumed innocent--the 1987 debut novel that made him 'one of the major writers in America' (NPR)--comes what may be Scott Turow's best thriller yet ... Bill ten Boom has walked out on everything he thought was important to him: his career, his wife, Kindle County, even his country. Still, when he is tapped to examine the disappearance of an entire Gypsy refugee camp--unsolved for ten years--he feels drawn to what will become the most elusive case of his career. In order to uncover what happened during the apocalyptic chaos after the Bosnian War, Boom must navigate a host of suspects ranging from Serb paramilitaries to organized crime gangs to the U.S. government, while also maneuvering among the alliances and treacheries of those connected to the case: Morgan Merriwell, a disgraced U.S. Major General; Ferko Rincic, the massacre's sole survivor; and Esma Czarni, an alluring barrister with secrets to protect. A master of the legal thriller, Scott Turow has returned with his most irresistibly confounding and satisfying novel yet"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • 9781455553549 (hardcover)
  • 9781455553549
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Edition: First edition.

Description: 485 pages ; 24 cm

LCCN: 2016057513

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