Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

The Chinook Regional Library is dedicated to providing inclusive and welcoming services that strengthen and sustain lifelong learning in our communities.

Our Vision

Chinook Regional Libraries will be essential centers in our communities and accessible resources for people, creating opportunities to participate, connect, discover, and learn by:

♦   Responding to the needs of our communities
♦   Offering space for people and ideas to come together
♦   Providing materials that educate, entertain, and inspire
♦   Remaining current and adapting to the needs of our changing society
♦   Providing a commitment to sustainable funding of our programs and services

Our Values

  • INNOVATIVE…original and creative in our thinking
  • ADAPTABLE…responsive to changing community needs
  • INCLUSIVE…welcoming to everyone
  • PATRON FOCUSED…enthusiastic, energetic and committed to our patrons and their needs
  • EFFECTIVE…committed to our libraries being safe and caring community centers offering a full range of library services
  • COMMUNITY FOCUSED…building partnerships within the community